Helping Hand Developmental Center

Klinker for Kids

What is it?  Chunks of Change is one of our small fundraisers that lasts through the month of October.  Each classroom decorates and displays a change bucket to collect money during the event.  Parents and visitors to the centers are encouraged to donate to one or all of the jars.  The children love to put money in their favorite jars in the morning and afternoon.  The classroom with the most money at the end of October gets a pizza party!  All money collected is counted and  distributed to each of the classroom to purchase needed educational material to use with the children.  You may also contribute via the Paypal link and let us know which classroom the donation is for.

Chunks of Change

What is it?  Klinker For Kids is an annual fundraiser to raise money for therapy and equipment used by the children at Helping Hand.  During the fundraiser, sponsors raise money by being "locked up" until they reach their goal and get "bailed out."  Money is raised beforehand via social networks, phone calls, advertisements, and websites.

Our Goal?  Our goal is to raise $25,000 during the fundraiser.  Since we are a nonprofit organization, a lot of our money that we need to provide a quality program comes from donations and parent pay.  Every little bit helps.  

How can I contribute?  You may send a check to Helping Hand Developmental Center.  Our address is P.O. Box 222, East Flat Rock, NC  28726.  You may also drop by our BRCC location and give a check to one of our office staff at any time.  If you are contributing for someone's bail out, please specify which person you are contributing for so that they may get the credit on their bail log.  All donations are tax-deductible.

As you know fundraising is a necessary part of any nonprofit.  Now more than ever, we need your support in raising money for our program.  "Chunks of Change" & “Klinker for Kids” are our major fundraisers each year.  The money we collect will go directly towards providing quality child care experiences for your child, meaning purchasing equipment and materials for the classroom, therapists and playground. 

Helping Hand Developmental Center is a 501 C-3 Not for profit organizations and all donations are tax deductable.  tal part of all Non profit organizations